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Ancient Site Discovered?

Hello people, and welcome.

This will be my first ever blog and what a blog it is going to be.

As you may know, I am a keen researcher of ancient history, cultures and Theology, delving into old books and trying to piece back together our lost heritage that the Crown and Rome has distorted over hundreds maybe thousands of years.

Scotland has been a constant thorn in both these powers over the centuries but it looks like in the 21st century we might be finally pacified and content with accepting the mainstream narrative of our history, but is it our true history?

We may never know the real truth but if we can extrapolate enough evidence that has been scattered over the planes of time we might be able to build some idea of our true history. Even the actual date is up for debate, what year are we actually living in?

Anyway, thats for another blog, i'm diverging away from what I wanted to reveal to you today.

The other week, I went on a ramble across my beloved Pentland hills, enjoying the rare constant sunshine that we have been blessed with over last few weeks, after many hours of walking I decided to climb a hill known as Black Hill whilst I was doing a Youtube livestream, and what I discovered blew me away, watch as I investigate this mysterious site Live on Youtube -

At this point up the hill, all I really knew was this looked to have been a site inhabited by people at some point in time, there was evidence that some of the structures and stonework had been carved by man, even the place I called "Ged's Throne" had too many straight lines and right angles carved into the stone to be natural.

I finished my stream and continued to investigate the site, taking video and photography of anything that caught my eye.

When I got home I looked over some of the photos I had taken and came across one that blew me away, there was a man made wall, with about a foot and a half of soil on top of it, it reminded me of the walled structures at Scara Brae, I started to get excited!

Brickwork that is similar to the structure I discovered
Scara Brae

I went into work the next day and shown a few of the lads my pictures, especially the picture with the brickwork under the soil, and one of the lads, who is a geography university graduate, said that it takes hundreds if not thousands of years to build that much top soil on the structure, we debated about the environment speeding the process, wind and rain for example, but both concluded it must be some sort of ancient wall or part of a bigger structure.

how old could this be?
Pentland's Brick work

Once I realised this could be a place of importance, my research begun.

First I looked on Google earth for the exact area I was at, I done this by looking at 'places' on the photo section of my I phone and looked at the exact place where I had taken the photo's, the I phone is handy this way, where it marks on GPS every photograph's destination.

Places GPS location

By doing this I found out the exact location and name of the hill I was on.

Google Earth Site

But unfortunately, Google Earth has not got this mysterious site on it's map, but the outstanding weather and lack of rain this summer might have exposed undiscovered structures, just like the recent discovery in Ireland of an ancient henge.

Newly Discovered Henge

So after finding out the exact hill I was on, it was time to start researching the history of the place. I discovered that In the 1600's, a Shepard used to live on Black Hill and he was famed for burying a Covenanter soldier at the risk of getting killed himself, there is a stone that marks this event but it is not at the site I discovered -

Covenanter's Grave

I also discovered he buried other soldiers and discreetly marked there graves with engraved initials, I found initials carved in stone near "Ged's Throne" at the mysterious site but still unsure if the site I discovered has any relation to the stories of the Shepard and covenant soldiers.

Could this site be an ancient Pictish site, thousands of years old or the remnants of a structure that a Shepard lived in during the Covenant times a few hundred years ago?

Could the weather speed the covering process compared with other environments?

Either way, this appears to be a significant site in Scottish history and should be preserved.

I am going to make a return to the site and do some further investigation to make sure I'm actually on to something.

Until then, the mystery still hangs over this site like the mist that usually lingers over these beautiful hills.

I am working on a video of this site, but until then, enjoy some of my photography.

See you in the next blog people and subscribe to my Youtube channel, If you would like to support my work, become a Patreon and you will get exclusive updates and personal interaction with myself.

Patreon's will also get access to these blogs in the future as I may decide to make them exclusively private to my supporters, but since this Is my first one, everyone gets a little taster of things to come from GED SKEPTIC MEDIA.

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Jan 24, 2023

Very impressive details in the blog and on the web site.

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